Kasse 430

Kasse 430 is a rowboat has been produced using best glassfiber materials available in EU market. Special design and good materials makes the boat extreamly longlasting and secure in the sea.
It has everything you need for a ride: oars, stainless keel, engine fixings and a lot of
more! You don’t need to buy anything extra to go to the sea.
Kasse 430 will not sink even if its full loaded and full of water.

Tehnical data:
Kasse 430 mõõdud

Lenght: 427 cm
Width: 158 cm
Free board height: 32 cm
Draught: 26 cm
Person: 3 person/ 380 kg
Weight: 95 kg
keel height: 11 cm
Max. engine: 6 hv /Short



Kasse 430 color



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