Kasse 455 R

Kasse 455 R is a multifunctional model for cottage and fishing use. The boat has an easy-to-walk-on flat floor, a detached centre seat provides more open space when needed.

A row and motor boat type with a broader waterline and higher carrying capacity for fishing and use at the summer house.

The maximum recommended engine power is 15 hp. The boat planes better than its predecessor and can reach a speed of up to 21 knots with a load of one person, still managing 19-20 knots with two people on board. The most recommended engine power is four to 15 horsepower.

Best-selling boat in last 5 year in Estonia!


Tehnical data

Lenght: 4.57 cm
Width: 1.63 cm
Weight: 140 kg
Draught: 0,23 cm
Person: 4 person/ 450 kg
CE- Category: D
Storage box: 1
Max.Engine: 6 – 15 hj / Short
Color: White
Warranty: 2. years


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